With all funding cuts that have happened to Arts Education, a new Independent Vocational Dance College is coming to Luton. Phoenix Starr Academy of Dance


What does this mean?

Your students have a great opportunity to attend a dance college  should this be the industry they want to get into.


What makes us different?

We are a HipHop college, the first of its kind in the U.K. Specialising in getting out dancers ready for a long career and in Backing dancing, choreography and teaching.

Your students would train in Locking, Popping, Commercial, Whacking, Dancehall, African, Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz.

With Special guest weekly coming in, as well as having a in house agency to really get these students into the Industry.


What Qualifications would they gain?


wE OFFER LEVEL 3 AND LEVEL 4 DiplomaS, 3 year diploma, foundation course  or  an IDTA Qualified teaching award, (allowing you students to legally go out and teach).



What age do you take them on from?

any one aged over 16 can apply


How much does it cost?


Each course cost a different amount are paid termly in advance. However we do have facilities in place for those who may wish to pay monthly. If you wish to discuss this, please contact the admin office.

Fees can be paid by electronic bank transfer or by cheque.Fees are payable in advance and are due on the first day of each term. Fees are non refundable due to absence or ill health. Phoenix Starr Academy of Dance is able to offer extremely competitive fees.





"We can’t afford that” Is there Funding Options?


 Level 3  is a PARTfunded course if you are aged between 16 - 19)




Phoenix Starr operates its own scholarship scheme. Scholarships are given at the discretion of the directors and are monitored termly to ensure that students given awards remain committed and focused.  Phoenix Starr reserve the right to withdraw scholarships should a student fall below the standard expected.




Students may also consider try to obtain some form of sponsorship from local or large businesses or applying to one of the many charitable trusts that have been known to help students who wish to gain a career in performing arts.


There are various funding methods available to students and their parents. At present Phoenix Starr operates its own Scholarship and Fee Assisted program.



These are also given entirely at the discretion of the directors. Students given such awards can be offered various discounts to the current term fees. The amount of an award can vary from student to student and can be based on a number of influencing factors such as ability, commitment, background.

Fee Assisted places as with scholarships can be removed immediately should a student fail to attain the standards required by Phoenix Starr.

Through multiple fundraising activities Phoenix Starr operates an internal fee reduction scheme. This takes into account both employability potential and financial circumstance. The bursaries are awarded to selected Diploma  students who demonstrate their potential at the audition.


How do i apply?

Via our website we have out application form you can download. Print, fill it out and sent to us via post with your audition cheque. 

From then we will sort out when your audition will take place.

Please for more informations please check out our website WWW.PHOENIXSTARRCOLLEGE.COM which would have a full range of more information for you.