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Phoenix Starr give back!!


Want to dance, sing or act ??


8 hours a week free training in commercial, hip hop , ballet , lyrical, Jazz and tap. For the next 2 years (age between 16-19) Must have completed G.C.S.E.


You can still work, do other courses and train!

A 8 hour-per-week training programme covering; Hip Hop, Commercial, Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Contemporary.

You choose the Dance styles you would want to focus on, and choose your hours of availability 

No Audition needed this is purely to give back and trained dancers who would like extra training


We pride ourselves on giving back to our community!

After research came to the conclusion the most helps and aid is need to this age group as the transition through adulthood.

Trying to fit it all in work, social life, college and education is hard. Let alone wanting to train and afford classes.

We are fortunate that we are able to offer fully funded training in this particular course. Meaning it is completly free!


 Which is directly comparable, both in terms of faculty and facilities as some of the UK's biggest providers. 


Under the leadership of Jazmin-Jade Buckley (Phoenix Starr) and Bobbi Alexander, who are both widely known and respected as  performers, choreographers and teachers, these exceptional Industry Professional and experienced faculty will be delivering a rigorous relevant  training to dedicated aspiring performers. 


Our Main Focus is to remove the financial barriers to top level training for talented students who may not otherwise be able to afford, especially in styles like hip hop that did'nt have money injected into its culture as it started on the streets. Through this fully funded programme, we aim to give every talented dancer the opportunity to fulill their potential. 





Students are also required to achieve 4 GCSEs at a minimum of grade C/4, preferably including English Language and Maths, to gain entry to this course. If not received they will have to continue studying those subject until passed or aged 19 whatever comes first.