level 6 


Phoenix Starr College provides industry practitioners and experienced lecturers delivering all aspects of dance.  On a challenging, physical programme, students enter competitions and benefit from opportunities to work in industry throughout the year.  Students are supported through regular one-to-ones with their dance tutors.


Phoenix Starr College specialise in  Hip Hop and Commercial styles, whilst still training students in Acrobatics, Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Contemporary.

The Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance is a high-calibre vocational programme which will equip you for a career in the professional entertainment industry. 


The three-year programme offers intensive specialist training in dance, singing and acting, aiming to provide you with excellent employment skills.  Upon graduation, employment may include, backing dancing, music videos, tours, musicals (West End and touring), dance companies, television,  theatre and education.

After the first year you undertake your studies within a more focused specialist track:    triple threat training, artist development training or a more dance-based track.



This allows you to choose a direction of study in the second and third year that is in line with your skills, abilities and likely destination.

The Course

  • Full-time, delivered over three years

  • High contact hours

  • Vocational and academic studies

  • Practical skills including dance, singing and acting

  • Variety of performance opportunities including musicals and showcase

  • Small class sizes to ensure effective individual learning

  • Greater understanding of cultural and historical developments through academic study and research projects

  • Offers opportunities to be creative through guided choreography projects

  • Career guidance and industry advice opportunities

  • Opportunity to be seen by a range of industry professionals prior to graduation




Entry requirements

Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of  Audition

After the first year, you may choose a more focused study track:, triple threat training or a more dance-based focus. This allows you to choose a direction of study in the second and third year of the course that is in line with your natural talent and likely destination. These tracks give the opportunity to explore your strengths and passions in greater detail, and opens the degree to students whose strengths lie in or one or more specialist areas.

Track A

This track is designed to support students who are suited to all aspects of Musical Theatre i.e. singing, acting and dance. There is an equal emphasis on Musical Theatre subjects and Dance disciplines.  On this track you are expected to reach an exceptional level in all the disciplines of singing, acting and dance.

Track B

This track aims to produce the most versatile dancers for the current industry. This course is heavily weighted towards Dance, with Musical Theatre being used as a supporting subject to maintain basic singing and acting skills. You are expected to reach an exceptional level in all dance disciplines.

Track C

This track is designed to support students who are suited singing and which to pursue a career in singing.. There is an equal emphasis on Singing subjects and Dance disciplines, to create "pop stars". On this track you are expected to reach an exceptional level in all the disciplines of singing and dance.


80% of our Professional Dance and Musical Theatre students are signed with an agent within 6 months of graduating.

As well as receiving outstanding training in many disciplines of dance and musical theatre, students will develop many other skills which will be invaluable for their future careers. They will develop resilience, communication skills, presentation skills, confidence, artistry, determination, creativity, choreography, leadership and team-working skills. Students will also benefit from an incredible proximity to professional performers and develop an intrinsic ability to network and build their brand. 


How you will be assessed

Each module is assessed independently and methods may include end-of-semester exams, written assignments, oral and poster presentations, computer-based tests, class tests, practical and performance assessments, and project reports. The early years of your course are assessed mostly by guided and set assessment questions and tasks, developing over time to independent and tailored assessment in project and practical work. This model reflects your ability to specialise in Years 2 and 3, after undertaking thorough grounding of core principles at the start of your studies.

Feedback is an essential part of learning and we use a wide range of methods, such as written feedback on your assessments, class feedback sessions and discussions with your tutor. You’ll receive feedback on each assessment, highlighting the positives of your work as well as any areas that need more attention. Practical classes also enable students to receive continuous feedback through corrections and guidance on technique and performance.





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Uniform Fee: £165
Enrichment Fee: £200 per year

Spotlight Casting Directory Membership - £110.00 

Professional Photographs - approx £50


£6000 plus VAT per annum, £2000 per term, £500 per month

your Third year of Study.



1 Commercial Class

1 Technical Jazz Class


Solo Perform - Any style (no longer than 90 secs)


Artist Development: Additionally please provide 1 song go your choice  

Performing Arts: Additionally please provide 1 song go your choice, 1 Monologue of your choice